Using Watercolours on Your Cards

Watercolours can add a dreamy quality to your cards and make up for when you are running out of patterned paper. Whether you use stripes of watercolour running across your page, an image done in watercolours or use them to create background, here are some ideas for all those who can’t live without their box of paints.


My favourite way to use paint is to create a stripey background using two colours. Just rule lines diagonally across your paper and fill them in alternately. Here is the box I made using this method. Later, I wrote poetry across the green stripes.


Here is another version of the stripes, this time in rainbow colours.


You can stamp (or draw!) an image and colour it in with water colours, creating a soft, dreamy look. Lots of water and little paint gives you a softer look. This looks great on birthday cards for women/girls, apology cards and get well soon cards.


Here is a card that shows how thick paint can make your cards look vibrant. This is great for birthday cards and invitations! The bunting is painted on a separate sheet and each individual flag has been cut out and stuck on with foam tape to give it some dimension. The background is filled with hand painted stars!

I hope this gives you some ideas! Just remember: sometimes, simpler is better!



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