My Five Year Journal

I recently discovered the fabulous five year journal, and I have started to make my own. I love altered art so I decided to make mine in a book. I’m doing this project with a friend and incidentally, I am also making a ‘journal’ for her. Hers is going to be a box/card system with typewritten questions and maybe some artwork on the back.

To find out more about the five year journal, you can click this link. All the questions are available there and it’s up to you, what system of journalling you use. There are so many methods out there!

Here are some of my favourites from Tami’s box.



Usually people begin on the first of a January to start this but I was too excited, so I’m starting mid year ie. June. Here are a few samples from what I’ve done in my book so far.


This is the book I’m using. I love the cover but the story is just .. bleh. So I’m painting the inside white with acrylic so I can write on it. Here are the few pages I have done so far:




I’m up to July, I just have to finish the rest of the year before I actually start doing it in June! Look out for a whole slew of card blog posts in a few days; I have a couple of orders I need to get done!

Have a nice day.


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