Old and New – Quilting

Last summer I made a quilt for my best friend. I got the idea for it ages ago (winter 2012) from I book I was reading: where a mother made a quilt for her daughter out of all ‘the scraps of comfort’ that she could find. I was instantly smitten by the idea and set about immediately. My aunt is a seamstress and sews at home so I got lots of scraps from her. The difficulty lay in their size; most of them could only ‘support’ three inch square pieces!

The quilt took a looonnnggg time to make. I officially started in the last few weeks of July (It was supposed to be a birthday present – for 29th April – but what with exams and everything, I hardly got time.) In just half a month or so, I had all my squares cut out (about a gazillion!) and sewn into a great big block. I made a rag quilt, so that made it easier because I didn’t have to stop and press seams every now and then. The quilt backing was sewn on at midnight, the day before school started again! And the quilt itself, finished and everything, was given to her the very first day. She was thrilled and though the hard work was very … hard and it even made me a little sick in the middle when I sat for hours just sewing, it was a wonderful experience and just the fact that at the end, all those itty bitty squares became a quilt…!! It was kind of a proud moment.


Now it’s half a year later, and I’ve bought some really nice prints and plan on doing some other quilting project. I haven’t decided what yet, but I’m leaning towards some kind of a teacher appreciation gift because this is my last year of school…


See that circus print? I’m in love! ^___^

Love and hugs,



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