Back to school & some Projects

It’s back to school again for me! Its super cold in the mornings and after all these days of getting up at 11 when you can go and sit in the sun as soon as you’re awake are gone. However, some good news as well – I’m getting a 93 per cent in my Economics exam which is amazing considering how little I studied the day before since I was rushing all around the city to get X-rays done for my cat because he had broken AND displaced his knee cap!

Back to school also means I have some new orders on the line – twelve cards, a notebook and a folder! So that’s something you can look forward to since as soon as the weekend starts, I should be making all these things and will obviously upload them here. I am also contemplating buying some new stash and am always on to see what I can get – everything is so pretty but so expensive! I’m loving the new Studio Calico Storytime collection so I’m definitely getting that 6×6 pad! Let’s see what else ends up in my basket. I definitely need some jewels and pearls as well.

Love and hugs,



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