Story of Us – Notebook




A friend of mine asked me to decorate a notebook cover for her. She had bought it to be filled in by all her friends at the end of the school term as a way of remembering them. The cover was originally divided into three portions – blue on top, pink in the middle and an ugly olive green on the bottom. You can still see the edges of these colours on the spine part because I couldn’t cover the very edges!

At first I decided to keep those colours and work around them and simply cover the parts where stuff was written. But then I realized I really hated that olive green and that nothing in my stash complimented it either. So I gave the cover a complete makeover. I kept it simple because I don’t want things falling off when she passes it around to her friends!


I’ve mostly used Amy Tangerine’s Yes Please and Dear Lizzy’s Lucky Charm collections. Those two are my absolute favorites and go really well together.two

LOVE this hot pink pen and the way it shows up on brown card stock.




Hope you liked this!

Love and hugs,



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