Little Mini – Here We Go

My exams aren’t over yet, but I thought I’d just pop in and update a bit, since I have a while before my next exam and its Maths anyway. I made this little mini book about a month or so ago for a friend. She and I are going to the same school for A levels, and this was just a way to start our journey – on a good note. We weren’t exactly friends in my current school, but hopefully, being with her in A levels will make us lovely friends. i look forward to spending more time with her. She’s such a lovely person.

So, without further ado, here are a few pictures of the little mini. It’s a simple accordion fold and was literally made in like, half an hour. 2
10 one


Hope you liked it! There is another little book I made, similar to this one, for another friend who will be with me in my new school. Will share later this week!


Happy Mail and A Not So Happy Month

My exams start tomorrow so needless to say, I am pretty stressed out and worried 24/7. They last till the 3rd of June, so no more posts till then! But after that, FREEDOM. For three months and then school again in September. That will be a weird thing because I start my A levels and so it’ll be a new school with new people and new rules and FEWER SUBJECTS! (probably the best thing).

I am pretty busy but I thought I’d just drop in a random post to recap the months that I haven’t posted. I haven’t been doing much – just studying and the craft stuff is on hold. I was so sad I missed NSD ’14 and will be missing it for two more years because of exam period in May but I hope to join the club after that!

#1. I made an instagram friend, thechaifiles, who is a super sweet person who lives in Islamabad. She was in Singapore recently and sent me these lovely goodies. I had a school exam that day and her package simply made my day!


#2. My friend’s birthday was on the 26th April. Usually I do something really big for her but this time I was too busy studying and so didn’t have time. Made her a card though.


#3. My cats just keep multiplying. I currently have seventeen. Or maybe that was when I last counted them. Whoops.


#4. I have so many sea boxes on order for after exams. Sea boxes are basically origami boxes with a decorated top and beach sand, shells and a message in a bottle inside. Hopefully, will get onto this after exams.

Anyway, hope to catch up after exams. See you soon.