Thank You Cards

Started using my new stash on the same day I got it. This has never happened before! It usually takes me around a week or so (or even more) to start using things because first I have to get out of the ‘Oh my god, it’s so pretty!’ phase. But I had to make thank you cards for the people who helped get my things to Pakistan, and I wanted to use pretty things. Hence the absent ‘pretty’ phase! 




Busy, Busy, Busy but Great News Too!!

I’m so sorry about not posting! I’ve been super busy. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the camera wasn’t working and then on Thursday, my computer kinda died and I have no idea how to blog from the tab. Yesterday I wasn’t home the entire day. Ugh, so much activity.

Anyway, here are the pictures I promised and then, after that, some great news! (squee)





And now for the good news….

I was selected for my first ever design team by the lovely Kerry for thecraftgarden! I’m so so excited!! The first challenge goes up on first February so don’t forget to stop by and participate!

Love and hugs,



Elephant Cards

Hey everyone! Let me show you the two elephant cards that I made yesterday! I was over at Shimelle, where I saw this guest post by Julie Kirk, who discussed so many ways to use old book pages in your projects! Her elephant card really got me inspired. And so, yesterday, I sat down and picked up a few things (my cards are very minimalistic – in supplies – these days!) to make these.


I used paper from Echo Park’s collections: Summer Days and Playground, my typewriter for the greeting, old book page and a wooden stamp from my local craft store (they are handmade in my country to use for fabric stamping but I use it for crafts!). I added a torn strip from my notepaper to give it an eclectic feel and I doodled a border around the edges.


Another one! This time, you can see a piece of gauze behind the elephant! I try to use a wide variety of supplies! The button is from an old sweater, and I knotted some orange twine (I cheated: I took white twine and coloured it orange with my Sharpie.) Some more torn notepaper edge! I love the way it adds to my card.

I hope you like these two. You can follow me on instagram (kitscard).